Is TikTok Marketing the right choice for you? : The Corporate Brand Edition

Is TikTok Marketing the right choice for you blog post image

TikTok is the new craze. It’s taken over the young generation in a heartbeat. It’s captured the minds of billions, and created global superstars in days.

TikTok is fun, creative and entertaining.

But, is TikTok the right choice for you?

You’re a company that doesn’t dabble with dance challenges and face filters. You are professional.Your services and products aren’t made to look “cool” or “hip”. 

Does that mean TikTok marketing isn’t your cup of tea?

We at Tikable believe otherwise. 

TikTok can be of great benefit to any business – sole owned, start-up or corporate. TikTok opens new doors. It creates new opportunities. It allows an unprecedented social media reach unlike anything else we’ve seen before. 

Not convinced yet? Keep reading.

1. TikTok guarantees higher exposure

You already spend on Instagram and Facebook ads. You hire digital marketing agencies, or experts to handle your online presence. Each month you set aside a marketing and advertising budget.


Because you want your brand to be seen.

You want your brand name to reach a large number of people. You want to be on the top of their minds. 

At first glance an extra budget for TikTok might seem unnecessary. After all, all social media is basically the same right?


TikTok doesn’t work like your usual social media network. You don’t need to spend money on ads and giveaways to get more people to notice you.

The right type of content and the perfectly orchestrated TikTok trend does all the work for you!

Here’re some great examples of the virility of TikTok. 

*Insert images of Stats* 

2. TikTok is no longer “for the kids”

So you are considering TikTok Marketing for your corporate business. There’s one thing holding you back – your target audience.

Your products are not for the Gen Zs TikTok is popular for. Your corporate brand adds value to those above 30, and TikTok isn’t the right choice for you.

Wrong, again.

TikTok first made headlines as the “Gen Z app” – a creative utopia for those of age 16 to 25. But, as of late, the demography active on TikTok is changing.

With the pandemic making in person-contact tougher, older generations have taken an interest in social media. TikTok in specific is one platform that seems to attract a lot of the older users.



TikTok is approachable, funny and relatable. The pressure of being “perfect” for social media is almost non-existent on TikTok.

This makes it the ideal platform for those looking for entertaining content, without pressure to conform.

Regardless of what age group you wish to target as a corporate brand, there’s a place for it on TikTok! 

3. TikTok isn’t time consuming, or expensive 

You’ve dealt with video content before. Hired a production house, video editors and script writers. Taken weeks, if not months, to decide on the final cut – before eventually posting on social media.

Let’s face it, video content is time consuming, and often breaks the bank.

TikTok is different.

The authenticity of TikTok calls for easily shot, short, fast-produced videos. The interface caters to phone-based content. 

(Most viral posts aren’t shot on fancy DSLRs!)

TikTok marketing doesn’t call for a hefty budget, only creativity and good-timing. 

So yes, Video content is expensive, but TikTok isn’t!

4. TikTok makes it easy to stay consistent 

Consistency, corporate and content always go hand in hand. As a corporate brand you need to stay up to date on social media. This is why you outsource your marketing to agencies. If brands aren’t consistent, they can easily get sidelined by something, or someone else.

This is where TikTok comes in. 

The easy-to-create, edit and publish formula of TikTok makes regular content creation hassle-free. The trends and challenges are easy to replicate, and offer constant ideas for new, engaging content.

TikTok makes consistency a whole lot easier! 

Want to know more about how to get onboard TikTok as a corporate? Tikable can help. Leave a comment or click here to contact us.